Welcome to the Official Home of Twimericks: The Book of Tongue-Twisting Limericks

What could be more fun than sitting around reading Twimericks™ aloud with your friends? Huh? What, for example? Okay, okay... maybe doing a skateboard 360 fakie in the middle of your sister's birthday cake. But aside from that, Twimericks: The Book of Tongue-Twisting Limericks can't be beat for falling-down fun!

So, what's a twimerick, anyway? Well, a twimerick is a limerick and a tongue-twister all mashed up together. Take a look inside the book here. Read a twimerick or two out loud and as fast as you can -- without your teeth flying out the window! Now try it with your friends, your classmates, your brother, your sister, your parents. Hey, stop laughing so hard... I told you it would be fun!

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