Welcome to the Official Home of Twimericks: The Book of Tongue-Twisting Limericks

Why settle for a Ph.D. when you can have a Ph.T? Be a "Doctor of Twimerology" just like Lou! That's sixteen more letters of the alphabet smarter! Download and print out your very own full-color Twimerick Club Certificate of Twimerology right here! For FREE! You can even go nuts and have fun misspelling your name, just like Lou Brooks himself did when he personally signed your certificate. Full color and ready for framing. Hang it in your room, or switch it with your teacher's diploma when she's not looking!

When you download your certificate, you also get your own exclusive Twimerick Club membership card, just waiting for your name. Wear your official Twimerick Club Rhyming Hat and present your card anywhere! Like the front door of The U.S. Mint, for example. They'll say with a smile, "C'mon in and help yourself!"

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