Welcome to the Official Home of Twimericks: The Book of Tongue-Twisting Limericks

Hey, Twimerickers... can you stand it?? Here's your very own personal Twimerick Club Rhyming Hat, just like the one Lou Brooks wears! Scientifically designed by Lou himself, using patented "teepee-shape" technology to active your brain's neuro-twimerostic rhyming cells -- helping you rhyme just the right words when you're writing your own Twimericks masterpiece. Hold on! Lou's putting his Rhyming Hat on right now: "Truth is beauty, and beauty is truth, Unless you've seen my old Aunt Ruth." Wow... that is so poetic!

You can download your free easy-to-assemble Twimerick Club Rhyming Hat right here as a full-color two-page .pdf file. And before you wear it, don't forget the most important part... that large front nameplate is waiting for you to write your name in it!

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