Welcome to the Official Home of Twimericks: The Book of Tongue-Twisting Limericks

Reading all those Twimericks™ outloud got your mouth yelling for help? Give it a break and twist up your mind instead by downloading and printing out these two puzzles. They're both a lot of fun -- and not as easy as they seem!

Word Search is made up of a "square" of 225 letters. Can you find the 32 weird words from the Twimericks book that are hidden in the square? Each word can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forward, or backward. Download Twimericks Word Search here!

Amazing Maze finds Felix the baker with his tongue twisted up like a cinammon roll (which happens to be his favorite pastry!). Can you help one more cinammon roll find its way to Felix's mouth? Download the Twimericks Amazing Maze here!

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